Face the challenge of the ultimate race


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Rush is an incredibly fun game in which you have to sprint through the ultimate obstacle race. Think you are up to the challenge? Then download the app and give it a shot!

Gameplay in Rush is simple, and can be summed up by the following instructions: slide between the lanes and avoid obstacles. To move all you have to do is touch the screen - you'll quickly get the hang of it. If you are in the lane on the right, you'll jump to the left and vice versa.

If you think that Rush sounds easy, you're gravely mistaken. The speed and complexity off the lanes is continuously increasing, and the obstacles grow more numerous as the background flies past at dizzying speeds. You need to become a master of acrobatics if you want to survive.

If you like games that test your reflexes, Rush is the game for you. Get to it and discover the intrepid rhythms of the ultimate race!
By Erika Okumura